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Whitepaper / 2020

Visual Storytelling is one of the most effective and reliable tools at a marketer’s disposal. Any brand embarking on a content campaign understands how crucial it is to blend powerful images into a compelling and relevant narrative.

But visuals alone won’t guarantee success. The Social Marketer’s Guide to Visual Storytelling whitepaper from Shutterstock, in partnership with MARKETING, shows why Marketers must stay constantly informed on consumer trends and consumption habits in this ‘always-on’ era, and know how to maximise productivity and efficiency while getting the most out of every social platform they work with.

Download Shutterstock’s latest whitepaper for a comprehensive overview on the state of social marketing and visual storytelling in 2020 and beyond. Packed with research data, insights and powerful case studies, this whitepaper will make sure you’re up to speed on:

  • The rise of short form media consumption across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok
  • Integrating management & measurement of social media campaigns
  • Protecting your brand while staying authentic and original
  • Suggestions on creative visuals to use across different campaigns and target audiences

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