A comprehensive guide for Brands in APAC

Guide / 2022

The creator economy in Asia continues to rise in importance and relevance, with no signs of slowing down. Now worth more than US$104 billion, this trend signals a seismic shift in consumers’ discovery, shopping and decision-making journeys.

And the more you know about this tour de force that is the creator economy, the more you can identify alignments in your own growth strategies, and leverage it for your brand’s marketing and communications purposes.

To help you make sense of the opportunities presented by the creator economy in APAC, we are proud to share this comprehensive guide on behalf of Meltwater.

Download this Guide if you want to get up to speed on:

  1. How the creator economy is shaping consumer behaviour
  2. Why influencers as marketing partners can no longer be ignored
  3. How influencers are helping APAC brands boost their results
  4. How to make influencer marketing work for your brand
  5. How influencers can help brands make the leap to social commerce and beyond

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